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Mesopotamia Natural Casings Companies are Turkey Based Wholesale Manufacturer, Supplier and Distribution Company of Sheep, Goat and Calf Natural Casings and Byproducts. Our Products are Export Approved and We Ship To The Whole World.

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We are representative of an industry that traditionally dates back 4000 years and has nearly 40 years of experience. We carefully select our natural/organic products from the Mesopotamia region.

Handmade products are produced with all international norms and hygienic practices and delivered to you as soon as possible. Our company has ISO9001:2015 certificate. All necessary explanations are available in our website to better address you and your demands in our product range. All our certificates and approval documents are also accessible in the website.

You can easily reach us through all communication channels which are available 7/24. We will be glad to reply to your queries about our products, shipping, customs clearance and any other similar questions.

We can respond to all requests quickly with joint operation and fast coordination with our supplier companies, and with DHL, UPS, SABAY logistics, and our partners in global transportation.

We have stopped the production of some goods due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We will resume the production and these goods, in which specs and pricing are already available, will be offered to you as soon as possible.

We are working with our global transportation partner SABAY Logistics on your bulk orders. Please contact us regarding these requests.  We can offer a limited number of shipments since we have to comply with micro-export conditions, customs clearance, and transportation norms through the retail sales website.

We always issue a DAP (Delivery at Place) invoice. However, we prefer to issue a DAP proforma invoice for your bulk demands, and arrange the orders with our partners following the acceptance of the proforma invoice. We can respond quickly in line with your destination and preferred mode of transportation (air, road, ship transportation).

We have also designed a page where you can easily examine the color scale, quantity, properties of pre-tubed products, diameters and length and number of pieces, and the specifications of our other products (animal fat, crushed bones, special bones, omasum, abomasum). Besides, you can directly connect to our site by scanning the barcode and QR code of products and obtain the necessary information about the products.

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Choose from our extensive range of specialised sheep casings and byproducts below. We have both home packs and butchery packs available. We believe that preparing natural casings and  byproducts for our customers in the industry is a craft.


Mesopotamia Casings LTD, which is renowned for its expertise, carefully selects and measures the casings and byproducts, so that we can always rely on a wide variety of high quality calibers and with minimal deviation at several lengths.


We offers all kinds and calibres of natural beef, sheep and goat casings. We own extensive raw materials facilities and thus we are able to maintain a universal range of products targeted at every buyer in our industry.

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